U.P. State Bridge Corporation Ltd. started functioning on Ist March 1973 as a company under U.P. State Government to accelerate the activities of design and construction of Bridges in the state.

U.P. State is rich in Geographical and topographical diversities like small and big rivers, varying terrain all through the state. For the speedy development of the state it was necessary to connect all part of the state by roads and bridges. Simultaneously it also required provision of best technical support for economic & quality execution, commensurate to Infrastructural facilities in the form of Bridge engineers and technical staff available in the State. Initially in U.P.P.W.D. departmental construction units were established for the purpose of Quality and Speedy construction. With great success the bridge engineers and technical staff of U.P.P.W.D. were ready to complete the Bridges departmentally within stipulated time with desired workmanship. This encouraged the engineers and U.P. Govt. to establish a separate body for design and construction of bridges and this gave birth to UPSBC.

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After successful completion of several bridges, the Board of Director of UPSBC felt that the technical experts of the State in the filed of Bridge Construction & Design should be utilized in enhancing the similar activities in other States of the country and abroad. To achieve this UPSBC started competing in tender process for obtaining the work in open market competition. If proved to be of great success day by day.

Incidentally due to liberalization of economic environment, the consultants and contractors have come to occupy a crucial role in Indian economy. They not only provide the needed expertise to plan, build and manage the projects within the country, but also bring the foreign currency from assignments abroad, besides promoting transfer of technologies more effectively and providing professional inputs for industrial & technological developments. Due to the liberalization policy Indian consultants and contractors need considerable impulse to expand and grow, and realize its high potential at home and aboard.

The main theme and activities of UPSBC always remain to provide a strong support in the field of Bridge and highways construction and Consultancy in design, planning and maintenance which has a large scope not only in our country but also aboard. UPSBC has successfully constructed a number of bridges and roads in Iraq , Yemen and Nepal also in addition to U.P. along with other States of India and earned reputation and foreign currency for the country. Since UPSBC is a Govt. undertaking, therefore all the profit earned by UPSBC ultimately adds to State Govt.


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