U.P. State Bridge Corporation Ltd. has successfully executed numerous projects in India and abroad. Bridges no longer span gaps with only bricks and mortar. Today, they incorporate modern state-of-the-art technology. It is not just matter of designing and constructing bridges safe and strong enough to withstand the ravages of floods, quakes and other calamities. Bridges must measure up to exacting new construction constraints of space, clearances, traffic patterns and navigational requirements along with environmental and aesthetic considerations. Other challenges include the explosion in the speed and volume of traffic, the consequent growth of expressways, the urban sprawl generated by the population crunch, and the need for bridging creeks in coastal metropolitan centres, all of which are governed by never before constraints of time and met by constantly improving global standards in materials and methods.

List of major overseas projects

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Name of work/ Project and location Ownership or Sponsoring Organisation Cost of work in Million Rs Date of completion
Harad Bridge at Yemen Republic of Yemen 95.00 1995
Sirsiya Bridge and approach work at Beerganj Nepal 43.76 1995
Karnali Bridge, Nepalganj Nepal 100.00 1994
Twin bridges on Kohalpur Mahakali Highway Project Nepal 9.30 1994
3 Bridges and road work at KMH Project Nepal 97.40 1994
Lekma and Kandra Bridge Nepal 3.44 1993
Mohana Bridge , Dhangarhi Nepal 16.00 1992
Surai Khola Bridge at Shivpur Nepal 14.00 1983
10 Bridges on Butwal Section of MRM Nepal 9.66 1978
Ten Bridges on MRM on Shivpur East West Sector Nepal 6.61 1977
Rapti Bridge at Bhalubang Nepal 22.00 1986
Diyala Bridge / Darbandi Khan Iraq Iraq 25.00 1987
Jassan Mandali Two bridges, Iraq Iraq 65.00 1987
Kirkuk Mosul Road Twin Bridges Khanaquin Iraq 24.00 1986
Canal Bride, Eskikalak Iraq 24.00 1985
Great Zab bridge at Eskikalak Mosul Iraq 282.00 1985
Girda Gozina Bride near Bedra Iraq 37.00 1984
Qazania Bridge at Sulemania Iraq 42.00 1984
Khanaquin Bridge Iraq 50.00 1984
Bedra Bridge Iraq 72.00 1984
Four Bridges Tigris , Khan Al Dholiya Iraq 130.00 1983
Diyala Bridge , Maidan Sulemania Iraq 52.00 1983
Greater Zab Qwair Mosul Iraq 150.00 1982
Tigris Bridge Quaiyara Iraq 120.00 1982
Two Nos. overpass Brides and Approach road Qaiyara Iraq 85.00 1982
Five Bridges on Kirkuk Mosul Road Iraq 65.00 1982
Diyala Bridge Jalawla Iraq 43.00 1981
Minor Bridge Jalawla Iraq 19.00 1981

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