Quality control


  • Strict quality controls are followed in UPSBC right from conceivement to completion of project.
  • Quality control of  every project is being monitored by different agencies earmarked internally as well as externally to ensure proper quality control at every stage of construction.
  • Quality Control at field :-

(a)              Basic quality control for principal materials are carried out by field units for control, steel, Aggregates, water in their own laboratories setup at site and with other established laboratories.


(b)             Principal Materials for construction, Mix Design for various grade of concrete used in Structure & Cube testing of concrete are being done by reputed Engg. College/I.I.Ts/NABL laboratories, Third party quality control structure as well as concrete cube testing after pouring of concrete, Concrete Cube tests are carried out after construction of concrete in structures build stage wise like Foundation, Sub Structure, Super Structure & finishing items.


  • Quality Control Cell :

There is a quality control cell of Experienced Engineers, headed by General Manager (Comm.) to test Quality of material used in constructions & Quality of structure built by our field Engineers.


Following Important tests are carried out by our quality control Cell at Work sites subject to requirement of structures:-

(a)           Digital concrete Rebound Hammer Test :- This test is being carried out to ascertain  quality of concrete in the built up structure at any spot as non destructive test (NDT)

(b)          Sonography Test:- This test is carried out be Sonography Testing machine for measuring well seining depths in well foundations where foundation work is in progress or completed.

(c)           Ground Penetrating Radar Test:- GPR is being used for scanning of concrete/rock/steel in the structure we build.

(d)          Beam deflection measuring machine:- It is being used for measuring deflection of beams at different completed bridges.

(e)           Installation of C.C. Cameras:-  At major river bridge sites e.g. on River Ganga, Yamuna, Ghaghra to monitor activities at various places in a project.

(f)            Die Penetration Test (DPT) :- It is being carried out for assuring quality of welding done in steel structures.

(g)           Permeability Test :- It is being carried to ascertain the quality of  bottom plugging in well foundation.

(h)          Load Test :-

(i) Initial as Routine test are being carried out on test pile for determine safety and load carrying capacity of pile in pile Foundation.

(ii) It is being carried out on super structure all so for ascertaining safety and permissible loads as per IS/IRC coade stipulated in design.


THAT IS WHY U.P.SB.C. LTD.-  Is known in U.P. as well as in other state of India and abroad for its “QUALITY” being maintain 1850 Bridges, ROBs., Flyovers, Hydraulic structures, roads & other structures constructed by it so far.

We again promise to our esteemed clients about –

a)      Timely completion of our projects.

b)    At Competitive Cost.

c)     Proper Quality Assurance thought internal as well as external agencies. We again ensure the system of quality economy & time management with continuous improvement of process & products, With a team of dedicated Engineers having an experience of 15-33 years in construction of bridges, hydraulic structures, road work s & other miscellaneous Structures.


Shri Yogi Adityanath,

Hon'ble Chief Minister, UP

Shri Keshav Prasad Maurya

Hon'ble PWD Minister, UP

Shri Sada Kant

Add. Chief Secretary PWD,(IAS) UP

Shri Rajan Mittal

MD, UP State Bridge Corporation Ltd