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Testimony To Excellence

•The Director-General State Organisation of Roads and Bridges, Iraq, appreciated the work of Eskialak Bridge, Iraq, as follows. "Excellence, quality and speed have been the cornerstone of UPSBC Ltd's enviable record. This reputation has earned us the praise from our prestigious client".
• An IBRD mission on a visit to India for the Palar bridge in Tamil Nadu Commented:
"The contractor's site is well organised and efficiently run, and this reflects in the excellent quality of the work so far completed." • U.P. State Bridge Corporation Ltd. whose workmanship and progress are exemplary…"
• Mr. N.K. Agarwal, Chief Engineer, Central Water Commission, New Delhi, commented on Nadrai Aqueduct, saying.
• "The visit was very educative – rewarding. The Engineers-in-charge, both of bridge Corporation and the department have created a magnificent monument of engineering feat for posterity.
• H.E. Mohammed Fadhil Hussain, Minister for work & Housing Government of Iraq said about one of the projects completed by Bridge Corporation in Iraq.
• "We visited the project today (26.04.85). The work performed is of excellent quality which is of the first class. It made us to praise highly their work which indicates the pains and hard work of their workers."
• "UPSBC Ltd. has drawn up an ambitious plan for up to the turn of the century Conscious of the challenging tasks ahead in mobilising resources of this magnitude as well as managing such a gigantic task, the Corporation has already initiated steps to achieve these objectives."